Our Revolutionary Framework for Higher Education

Restorative Justice is a framework that has been historically applied in the criminal system and international conflicts. Restorative Justice seeks to repair the harm that has been done by creating a space of agreed, shared values, where offended and offender share their perspectives and the community works on identifying how everyone can repair the damage done.

We know that damage is done to students in higher education. Example of harm done in higher education: poor advising that leads to a student having to take another year of classes, a professor or another student asking a student of a certain race to verify a stereotype about their culture or an administrator mentoring a group of students in positions of power to exclude certain student groups from their state-given student rights to accrue more political power.

We focus on repairing the damage done specifically in UW System to all students, while also recognizing that certain communities within the student population are disproportionately affected (i.e. first-generation students, students of color, women, queer students, etc.).

We look to repair that damage by applying Restorative Justice to our work in community with students, administrators, staff, faculty, regents, legislatures etc. For our research click here.