The Who, What, When, Where, How, Why of United Council

Our structure has been specified to complete work that optimizes efficiency, quality, accountability and opportunity for on-going training, all the while addressing harm and injustice in the University of Wisconsin System through a Restorative Justice Framework to enhance the quality of the student experience in the UW System.


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1. WHO:  We believe strongly that it is important that our structure facilitates a sense of belonging to all students who have an idea or project that would enhance the UW experience and/or reduce harm.

In the 40 years of our existence we have been primarily focused on our partnerships with Student Governments for a very good reason. In many ways Student Governments are the best conduits to produce change on campus and in the System. These partnerships are important to us and also, after conducting some preliminary research assessment on harm in the UW System, we have realized the need to directly work with the student body more purposefully. 

It is for these reasons that we have opened up our structure to be inviting to all students so they can receive training on how to best work with their Student Government (i.e. how to understand/write objective policies, how to operate and navigate Robert's Rules)