#BlackOut to Support Our Students of Color

Student of the University of Wisconsin Madison and the UW System, as a whole, have been ignited by the achievements of universities like The University of Missouri in creating a new era for diversity on campus. Since its inception the UW System has struggled to create safe, educational spaces for students of color and other marginalized students. Just this year on Halloween, as is typical throughout the UW System, students from UW-Stout dressed up in blackface, with no regard to the painful and degrading historical roots it has.

Supported by United Council, a statewide coalition of UW Students has formed, per their state-sanctioned right to organize and better the student experience as they see fit, to change the UW System for the better for students of color and, therein, all students. This coalition collected a list of demands from students and student organizations from 15 out of the 26 UW colleges and universities on policies and practices that need to be changed in order to make the 26 historically white colleges and universities truly multicultural. 

Ian Oyler going in for the white allies!

Posted by Nneka Akubeze on Friday, December 11, 2015

This same coalition held a #BlackOut at the UW's Board of Regents meeting on Friday, December 12th.  The purpose of this #BlackOut was to raise accountability of the fully-governor-appointed Board of Regents by students to begin crafting student-positive policies. The Board of Regents, which is rarely attended by students, did the exact opposite by passing a "Free Speech" resolution that lays the groundwork for White Student Unions to be deemed acceptable speech on campus. Donald Downs, the UW-Madison professor who is co-authored this resolution with Regents, is the same person who mentored a UW-Madison student in the mid-1990's to fight (against the US Supreme Court) against having to pay segregated fees towards sustaining student of color organizations, or any student organization whose mission and constituency they didn't approve of.

Now is the time to become involved and finance the fight to make public higher education in Wisconsin accessible, safe and of equal quality to all.

Please join the cause here or fund the cause here.