Students from across the state meet four times a semester at Statewide Action Gatherings (SWAGs) to facilitate networking, campaign work, development, idea sharing, organizational accountability, elect student leadership and work on topics they have chosen. Work is done in United Council with an ever-present restorative justice framework that focuses on making higher education safe and accessible to all students.

  1. September 19th-21st at UW-Parkside: Vote 2014 Campaign
    1. Agenda and Notes
  2. October 24th-26th at UW-Oshkosh: Students Against Sexual Assault, Vote, Biennial Campaign and Student Debt Campaigns
    1. Agenda and Notes
  3. December 5th-7th at UW-Whitewater: Biennial Budget Campaign Planning
    1. Agenda and Notes
  4. February 20th-23rd at UW-Madison: LobbyCon: UC annual Legislative Conference
    1. Agenda and Notes
  5. April 17th-19th at UW-Baron County: Annual Campaigns and Priorities
    1. Agenda and Notes
  6. June5th-7th at UW-Milwaukee: United Council Annual Meeting
    1. Agenda and Notes

Get in, Where you Fit in!

Work is done in specific areas called Service Divisions and Issue Committees. At SWAGs, students are encouraged to self-select into their areas of interest and/or supported by our welcoming committee and this form in deciding their areas of interest.

Service Divisions:

  • Planning and Program Development
  • Projects and Information
  • Educational Support Service
  • Human Resources and Dvelopment
  • Finance
  • Media
  • Management of Information Systems and Technology
  • Housing
  • Diversity Education Field Team
  • Support Staff and Recruitment
  • Producation
  • Distribution
  • Trainings
  • Public Administration and Community Engagment
  • Policy Practice and Reform

Issue Committees:

  • Legislative Affairs
  • Shared Governance
  • Academic Affairs
  • Womyn's Issues
  • Multicultural Issues
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • University Affairs
  • Graduate Affairs
  • Alter-Abled Issues
  • President's Council