UC Annual Legislative Action Conference at UW-Madison

Governor Walker is at it again.

Stripping the UW System funding is stripping hope from Wisconsin citizens. We won't stand for it. 

As WI citizens, students and future students of the UW System, we have chosen to focus on this four categories:
-Tuition Freeze with more State Funding and funding for k-12
-Protecting Chapter 36
-Present progressive and effective anti-sexual assault legislation
-Reforming the Justice System: ending police brutality, diverting 8m of county jail money to the community, not allowing the system to charge 12-17 as adults

Come to the Legislative Action Conference to learn how to protect our right to education and restore justice for all in community with UW System, Legislators. 

This conference is a five day conference with both training and action components (feel free to come and go as you need in these five days).

If you need housing there is a hotel room block $55/per night at American Best Value Inn
3438 Highway 12-18
Madison, WI 53718


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